Having married into a very artistic family, I discovered that I’m really not as “artistically inclined” as I once thought. Not that this lack of skill has prevented me from doodling during meetings and conferences, mind you, but even the doodles aren’t really all that great. Fortunately, I came across a website that can help even the most artistically challenged among us to at least come up with a logo design that looks pretty good, and is very easy to create.

LogoType Maker has created a very simple website that allows you to enter in a company name (or anything that you’d like to see as a business card style logo) and have it randomly create logos on the fly, or even allow you to do some minimal editing of the logo from a cache of stock logo designs. Once you’ve set up the logo the way you like it, you can download it in .zip, .png, or even high-quality PDF formats. The basic logo design is free, or you can email them for their pay-services if you need anything more than the basic design setup.

Even if you don’t need to create a logo or business card… it’s a great place to go to have some fun looking at the different design possibilities. So, if you have a bit of time to waste investigate, then go over to  LogoType Maker and have some fun. I’m treating the other geeks to a twitter-version of their personal logos!