This is one of those things that catches everyone by surprise right before the annual AALL conference. W.S. Hein and Fastcase announced this morning that they are forming a partnership to integrate content on each platform and create a more extensive legal research database. This is the sort of thing that everyone expected from Aspen/CCH/Loislaw

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It was a rough time for the Empire. 

Online case services were multiplying fast and furious.  Yes, even their vaunted reporter system had been compromised.  The beginning of the end began in the late 1990’s, when even the Courts had ruled against them.  It became more important than ever to just hold

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The bankruptcy of Dewey and Leboeuf just keeps on giving us more and more information on how much they owe legal information providers like LexisNexis and Westlaw. This week, it’s Lexis’ turn. In three documents* (I get a “The document is not available.” when I try to get to the actual filing),