Here I am, sitting in my office, planning out my budget for the next year when along comes this announcement from Amazon: “Introducing the Kindle Matchbook.”  It seems that Amazon will provide you with an ebook copy of a book that was purchased from them in print for a nominal ranging from a Free (yes, I

One of the listservs I joined early in my law library career was Teknoids (way back in 1997 or 1998.) Although it is made up primarily of techies in law school libraries and IT departments, I still love the conversations that go on. The conversation on what was titled “Everybody’s Favorite Topic…” was on what

Comedian Daniel Tosh holds his book burnings every Tuesday, but thought that he needs to be “greener” in his desire to rid the world of books and push people back to watching his show on Comedy Central.

He also suggests a way that your local governments could make a little money back. Since we now

As a literature lover, I spied this story in the Financial Times: according to the latest news on the e-book front, HarperCollins UK is joining Random House in its protest over the deal between literary agent Andrew Wylie and to create electronic versions of 20 classics.

Wylie’s classic collection includes Lolita, Invisible Man

First Thought: Honestly – who would actually read a book on such a tiny screen?

Reality: Chapter 23 and counting …

As soon as they announced the Kindle for Blackberry (BB) was available (for free for all you Greg wannabes) I promptly went to download it. Once I figured out I needed to use the