Just found out that Amazon granted my wishes of pushing the beta version of the Kindle application to the PC Desktop!! This, my friends, is a total game changer in a number of ways. I’m about 5 minutes into testing out the new application, but I’m already finding some good, and some bad things.

  • Big Screen!
  • Color!
  • Syncs with Kindle
  • No note taking ability in PC mode
  • No highlighting ability in PC mode
  • No searching ability in PC mode
  • No voice option in PC mode
Let’s all hope that Amazon updates the PC version to match all the features you can get on the Kindle. But, regardless of the shortcomings of the Beta version of the Kindle for PC, this is a great step forward for electronic book publishing! Now, for all of those legal publishers out there… get busy making your books available on the Kindle!!