It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”
Yogi Berra
Yet that never stops us from asking our “crystal ball” questions to our guests like Axiom’s Chief Commercial Officer, David Pierce. Some of the traits that David believes will make for successful businesses and people include:
  • Emphasis on creativity and great imaginations
  • Make it clear that everyone’s health and safety are top priorities through clear communication and transparent efforts
  • Be flexible on work environments with clear policies
  • Lay out clear business missions and objectives and make it clear what role each person plays in helping accomplish that mission
We also dive into Axiom’s mission and the role that David has played over the past few years. As well as David dropping some knowledge about Yellow Loading Zones he learned in law school.

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Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Nancy
, SVP at Legal Business Solutions at UnitedLex about a survey recently
completed with ALM on legal department insourcing, entitled “Build or Buy? The Evolution of Law Department
Sourcing”. Our chat was really interesting, different
than what I expected. Here’s what I learned.

We are all

Martindale-Hubbell released an interesting report this morning called “The Profitable Legal Department: How legal departments can prosper by generating revenue for their company.” The report follows the legal departments of DuPont, Tyco and Standard Life and reports on the success of each of their “recovery programs” that take a more aggressive stance to assert the