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Answer: Zero

An old economics adage is that the value of anything is the price someone will pay to purchase it. Therefore the market value of any large law firm will be zero.

When valuing a company for a potential purchase, buyers will determine the various assets held by the target,along with

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Although more than enough has been written about the impending demise of Dewey and the relative causes, I decided to go ahead and add my 2 cents to the dialog. 

A recent blog post on the subject caught my eye. It made the assertion that, “Whether it’s Davis’s earlier “10-to-1″ spread, the

… and I thought I was alone… unique… special in some way. I thought I was the only blogger at my firm, but it turns out I was not alone. Yesterday, I found another person at my firm that was blogging. Not just any person either, but  (“gasp”) a Partner!! Luckily, it turned out that

Between last Thursday’s Elephant Post and today, the BigLaw firm of Howrey ceased to exist. In talking with some of the people at the local Houston Association of Litigation Support Managers (HALSM) yesterday, I heard the local office of Howrey changed all of the computers, telephones, login, and email accounts overnight to Winston and Strawn.