I saw an interesting visual of where all the Dewey & LeBoeuf partners went on a Thomson Reuters’ site earlier today. The graphic illustrates the firms that picked up the laterals, the names of the lateral partners, and their practice areas. The Dewey situation has been like watching a train slowly wreck, day after day, for about four months now. The visualization helps to see where everyone is going, and what practice areas are affected.
[Note: I got a notice from the AmLaw Daily that they are keeping an up-to-date list and visual as well.]
[Note2: Also, Law Shucks has a great Lateral Tracker to monitor more than just the Dewey defections.]

I thought I’d see if we could take the visualization a bit further and pull out a couple of handy tools to do this, and maybe get a little use out of some crowdsourcing at the same time.

  1. Google Docs – I’ve uploaded a freely editable (by anyone) spreadsheet that lists the Dewey departures, along with the practice groups, offices, date announced, and the link to a news article verifying the departure. Feel free to add or edit the Google Doc as you see fit!
  2. ManyEyes – We’ve used this before to graph out information. This is a great free resource from IBM.
Although the implosion is no laughing matter (unless you like all the puns that Above The Law has been using for the past few weeks), it does make for some interesting graphics to show how substantial the losses are.