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In the midst of the very same economic turmoil that set Law Firms spinning in 2007, a number of medical care professional organizations came together to craft the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH).  The PCMH is part manifesto,

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Like all good children living far from where they grew up, I try to call my parents at least once a week. I usually discuss family matters with my mother for a while, then she puts my father

(With sincere apologies to Sam Beckett.)

Deweygon, sitting on
a first year associate, is trying to write off his client’s bills.  He crosses out and uncrosses out. 
He gives up,
exhausted, rests, and prints out another copy. 
As before. 
File:Waiting for Godot in Doon School.jpg
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Enter Howreymir.
Deweygon:  (Giving
up again)
Nothing to be done.

Hello! And welcome to the inaugural post of our brand new “Dan and Jane” series here on 3 Geeks.

At a conference recently, a fan mentioned that she missed our old Elephant posts.  We loved getting outside opinions and ideas, but frankly it was a lot of administrative work and we’re not really administrative people.

How are you? So good to see you again.  It’s been so long?  When was the last time we…

Oh, wait.  No! Somebody lock that door! Don’t let him out! You guys, each grab an arm and sit him down in this chair.

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OK.  Calm down…  It’s alright.  No one is

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Some recent activity on Twitter got me thinking. People love to bag on BigLaw (me included). Much like taking shots at Microsoft or Blackberry, BigLaw is an easy target for many. Large firms move slow, are managed by committee too often, and appear to have an aversion to decision making (see how

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Answer: Zero

An old economics adage is that the value of anything is the price someone will pay to purchase it. Therefore the market value of any large law firm will be zero.

When valuing a company for a potential purchase, buyers will determine the various assets held by the target,along with