I am so excited! I found a way to have someone read my emails, texts and voicemails to me while I am driving 🙂

Last Wednesday, me and @sapreston were discussing how to configure my Outlook to get it to use a voice command. All were too complicated and NOT EASY TO IMPLEMENT.

So me and the two other geeks were discussing this on our way to SBOT. They didn’t have a solution either.

So geeky me spent my Friday evening trolling through all the free Blackberry apps available on my phone.

To my delight, I found drivesafe.ly, a free app available to Blackberry, Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile users.

I just have the basic plan, which reads the sender’s name, time and 25 words of the message. I did run into problems if the message was formatted in a table and it read the HTML code instead.

But I have been really, really happy with it.

There is about a 30-second delay between delivery and reading but that’s cool.

You can, of course, upgrade to a paid version that will give you Caller ID, more words read, ability to change the voice and the reading speed, plus the creation of an ad-free auto-response. The price is $3.99/mo. or $13.95/yr.

They also have an enterprise solution that gives SSL encryption, allows you to download through mobile browser or push through BES. Plus, multi-user discounts and HIPAA compliant versions are available. The price for this is $7.99/mo. or $79.90/yr.

Like I said, I have been really pleased with drivesafe.ly.

  • Dustin W

    I love it! What I would like to see is something that integrates email and text into a voice command and connects to in-dash or Garman nav systems. My wife HATES that I won't answer or read her texts or email while I'm driving (which is all day). Voice command is already on dialing – it can't be long to send a voice text or email…

  • "Last Wednesday, me and @sapreston were discussing how to configure my Outlook to get it to use a voice command."

    Shouldn't that read " @sapreston and I . . . "

  • I tried many texting apps in the last few months, and I sincerely believe that Text'nDrive is better product for professionals on the road than the one mentioned in this blog. It reads your incoming messages and lets you reply in a second. Plus, I think they’re doing a great job with their site that keeps us informed on the latest texting laws in the U.S. and Canada (http://www.textndrive.com/textingwhiledriving.php) Still waiting for the Android version to, but it’s supposed to come out soon. Keeping my fingers crossed