On the latest episode of The Geek In Review:

Laurent Wiesel, Founder and CEO of Justly, talks with us about leaving his BigLaw partnership to create a startup focused on litigation analytics. Wiesel discusses how he saw that there was a growing gap between what clients were asking on issues of pricing and process, and what law firms were able to deliver. Greg (@glambert) talks about his ability to post an actual written blog post this week about who is the customer.

Legal Startup CEO, Laurent Wiesel

If you haven’t checked out Jason Barnwell’s podcast The Business of Law yet, Marlene (@gebauerm) suggests that you do. Jason has an extended interview our episode 11 guest, Jae Um.

Marlene also suggests checking out Gimlet Media’s Casting Call. Casting Call is a reality audio series that chronicles the search for the next great podcast host.

Marlene is speaking at the ARK Group Knowledge Management conferencein New York, October 23rd-24th. There are some other good speakers there, but really, Marlene’s talk is worth the price of admission alone.

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