Welcome to The Geek In Review podcast. Tune in as Greg Lambert teams up with Marlene Gebauer to cover the Legal Information profession with a slant toward technology and management, along with interviews of key players in legal information and technology:


Episode 1 – Living the “Non” Life in Law Firms

Episode 2 – Being a Legal Information Startup

pisode 3 – Let’s Discuss Impact-Conscious Design

Episode 4 – Understanding How to Place the Focus on Others

Episode 5 – AALL Conference, Vendors, Privacy, & John Waters

Episode 6 – How a Law Librarian Helped Streamline a Texas Court

Episode 7 – Tom O’Connor Wonders What’s Going on at ILTA

Episode 8 – Emily Rushing Covers CI, CRM, and Collaboration

Episode 9 – Getting Law Students Familiar with Legal Tech

Episode 10 – Lex Machina, Kira Systems, and Gov’t Updates

Episode 11 – Jae Um on Innovation, Emotions, and Emojis

Episode 12 – Augmented Eternity, Engineered Epiphany, and Alameda