In having a good laugh at sarcastic signs (Brilliantly smart-ass responses to completely well-meaning signs) this morning with my fellow Bradys, it occurred to me that the problem, or hilarious joke, depends on interpretation. If correctly interpreted, signs can indicate many things: where to walk, how to use a tool, or when there is danger. If misinterpreted, however, a sign becomes worse than useless – it’s a joke.

This is a common situation for many businesses, including law firms. There is plenty of data out there; some might say too much. (see next week’s Elephant Post question) But it’s not enough to have signs, or data. You must apply a correct interpretation.
You collect data about matters, fees, and clients. You perform research on markets, macroeconomic conditions, and industries worldwide. But, unless you can use that information to match Data 1 to Data 2 and correctly determine that Data 3 is the resulting value (and not Data 4 or Data Orange), all of your information cannot become intelligence.
You end up with “applaud the jellyfish”. Or, “push button receive bacon.” Which, although very funny, will not help you dry your hands.