If I had a quarter for every time a lawyer asks me, “How can I hide my contacts on LinkedIn? Won’t everyone steal my contacts if I post them,” I’d be … well, I will save that discussion when ever you ask me out for drinks …
That said, lawyers are TERRIFIED that if they post their contacts on LinkedIn that everyone will swarm their contact list and steal their clients.
Let me assure you, Dear Lawyer, that will only happen if you have a really cruddy relationship with the people on your contact list.
There I said it.
If someone can simply steal your contact by going on LinkedIn, then you, Dear Lawyer, have much bigger worries.
Your contact list is based upon your relationships with the people with whom you do business. Hopefully, over the years, you have developed meaningful relationships with these people. And, I hate to break it to you, but your contacts do have other relationships. Yes, its true. They are not monogamous. Your clients are seeing other people.
If you are that worried about your relationship with your significant other–err, client–then perhaps you should be spending more time alone together.
  • Great post. People don't understand that there is also value in a being a connector.

    Hey, I see you know so-and-so, would you be willing to make an introduction?

    For many of the VC attorneys I work with, their roledex is extremely valuable- not because of the numbers and names they have- but because of the relationships.

    "Showing those off" so to speak- can also let people know you are a real connector.

    Great post, something I have been meaning to write about for some time 🙂

  • Great post! Also for those that want to use LinkedIn, but not share their connections, you can hide your connections from your Connections under your Privacy Settings on LinkedIn!

    aka Natalie Huha

  • I'm always weighing the pros and cons of making my contacts public. Working with confidential job searches makes me think I should keep them private as a strict rule. On the other hand, Lisa's point about loyalty and Adrian's point about connection are equally valid.

    Lisa, Adrian, or anyone else, I'd love to hear if you think the same philosophy applies to legal recruiters.