Twitter versus Google: Link Endorsement

Scott Karp, co-founder & CEO of Publish2, Inc, recently published a blog on How Google Stole Control Over Content Distribution By Stealing Links. In the war between print and online content, he makes a valid point: Google's role is to not steal content but to promote links. Taking this point one step further, then, Twitter brings even more value to online search than Google. On Twitter, individuals--and more likely than not, experts in their fields--vet and identify relevant links. FOR FREE. For instance, I would more rely on my friend @Glambert’s recommendation to Karp's article than Google’s top search results for "Google stole links." Because I value @Glambert’s opinion, I believe his endorsement. On Twitter, those that I follow are my influencers. I have self-selected my own personal panel of experts that I choose to trust. They tell me a link is good and they prove it over and over again by continuously recommending good content, they are golden to me. This, in a nutshell, is the beauty of Twitter and the threat to Google.

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Toby Brown said...

Apparently Google doesn't miss a beat on this kind of stuff.

In a Google search for "legal KM 101" the fourth hit was a Tweet. It was a ReTweet from me linking to a post on KM 101. The link took me to my Twitter account, directly to that post.

Game on!


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