For the first time since the beginning of the year I have some quiet time to reflect and write.  I feel like the end of 2020 and early into the new year, there was a deluge of stimuli on the daily.  Between traditional press and social media, something was always buzzing somewhere. There were cases

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The recent dialog about Procurement’s role in the purchasing of legal services has been nagging at my brain. I wrote a piece for a book on the subject and basically suggested in-house lawyers beat Procurement to the punch. The fallout of that effort was my series on the subject.

But the nagging

Consider the degree of trust you should have in your auto mechanic. You will probably never know the quality of work before, during and even after you receive it. You have to trust your mechanic’s diagnosis and then trust the quality of service you receive in the repair. It is difficult-to-impossible to truly know anything