We would like to thank Jordan Furlong, Simon Fodden and Steve Matthews for awarding 3 Geeks and a Law Blog with the 2011 Friend of the North ClawBies Award. It is quite an honor (or should I say, honour) especially being mentioned along some wonderful blogs like Mary Abraham’s Above and Beyond KM, Ron Friedmann’s Strategic Legal Technology, and John Wallbillich’s wiredGC blogs.

Toby and I constantly remark on the disproportionate number of Candians we see leading conversations at the conferences we attend on Knowledge Managment, Law Practice Management, Legal Technology, Law Librarianship and just about any other topic that we write about on this blog. I smile each time I hear a speaker say “PRO-cess” rather than “Prah-cess” and see the letter “u” added to PowerPoint slides in words like color and humor. So, we are happy that our Friends to the North consider us their friends as well.

Now we just need to get a few of those friends to guest-blog for us in 2012!!