had a post this week with a great quote from an AGC of United Technologies. He basically called recent law school graduates “worthless.”
Ahh – this lovely quote took me back in time. Some time back in the 90’s I attended a seminar that covered this same subject. After sitting through the general

Taking a rough and conservative estimate of 3 free CLE programs per week by large firms, then multiplying that by the 100 largest firms in the country, you get (3 x 52 x 100 =) 15,600 hours of free CLE per year. Next we’ll estimate that on average 35 lawyers attend each of these. This

In a week and a day, Nevada steps up with a new law requiring encryption of electronically transmitted personal information.

NRS 597.970 Restrictions on transfer of personal information through electronic transmission.
[Effective October 1, 2008.] 1. A business in this State shall not transfer any personal information of a customer through an electronic transmission other