I thought I’d do a follow up to last week’s post where I crowned Casemaker as the “King of State Case Law Coverage.”  There are two reasons behind the follow-up.  First, Nina Platt brought up an assumption that many people might have about state case law coverage and the idea that the vendor selected by the state’s bar association should have the most coverage.  Although you would think that would be the case, it actually turns out not to be so.  The second reason for the follow-up is that I just like playing with the maps feature in IBM’s Many Eyes program.

The first map is a listing of the main low-cost legal research providers and which one covers the most case law for each state.  The second map is a replay of the map we did a couple weeks ago on who is the official vendor for the bar association.  Since Casemaker and Fastcase are really the only big players in providing their resource through the state bar associations, a third map was created that did a head-to-head comparison of coverage between the two.