When you sign a huge new client at your firm, what do you do to celebrate? If you are Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk, and you just signed Megan Thee Stallion… you dance!
How Do We Handle Parole Hearings for Supervillains?
Episode Three: The People vs. Emil Blonsky picks up where we left off with trying to understand how The Abomination managed to escape the most secure prison in the world, participate in an underground fight club with the Supreme Sorcerer, and then go back to this prison without anyone apparently noticing he’d been gone. The obvious answer is that it was “magic” or in this case, sorcery. Wong joins in on the fun as he explains to Jennifer that it was his actions that caused Blonsky to escape and that he’d testify to that at the parole hearing. (Nothing is simple in the MCU.)

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Can a SuperHuman/Other Worlder Defraud Someone?

Another case going on with the SuperHuman Law Division is Jen and Nikki’s old workmate Dennis Bukowski’s issue with being defrauded by a shapeshifting Light-Elf from New Asgard who pretended to be Megan Thee Stallion. Would a reasonable person believe that Dennis could pull Megan Thee Stallion?? Probably not. But, is Dennis a reasonable person? Probably not.

Office Space at GLK/H

We get a little more of a peek into Jen’s and Holden Holliway’s offices. This is a high-end, well crafted office space. How does it compare to actual law firm offices in 2022? Where are the paralegal offices? Where is the diversity of lawyers at GLK/H? Why does Holliway have a bar in his office and Jennifer does not? We address all of these important issues.

The Wrecking Crew is Out for Blood
Who is the next “Big Bad” for She-Hulk? The Leader? Kingpin?
She-Hulk Thee Rainmaker
Perhaps the most controversial scene in Episode Three was the twerking by She-Hulk and Megan Thee Stallion after she is signed on as GLK/H’s news high-profile client. While real-life Twitter may have been upset, Mr. Holliway was not. Would a Managing Partner have something to say to a rainmaker dancing with her client? We discuss this, as well as the misogyny seen in the show, and how that compares to law firm life for women in the legal industry.

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