In the last several weeks, I have been called, emailed or otherwise pitched to by a variety of solutions providers. I have to tell you despite having a great memory, I can’t remember a single company name nor what any of the companies who wanted my firm’s money do.    The reason I can’t recall any

A cross-posting of a past post on Don’t Use PowerPoint, lead to a request for tips on how to give a good presentation. There are multitudes of resources on this subject, so instead of giving 10 Steps to better presentations, I opted to take a crack at an unconventional tip.
My Big Tip: Don’t

I had a great time last Friday presenting with Barbara Fullerton from Morningstar, and Scott Riggins from Houston-based Social Mobility at the SLA Texas annual meeting held at the University of Houston. We had a great time going over some new – and some not so new – apps and mobile devices called “Pardon