Last night, I was reading our Declaration of Independence–don’t ask me why–and I noticed something very interesting. First, let me say that I am no expert on it. Just another average joe with a law degree.

You know how programmers in the early ’80s always built “back doors” so that if they had to hack

Being a female lawyer has a few perks: the money can be good, the prestige can be great. But as the saying goes, it is lonely at the top. I started thinking about all of this after my esteemed colleague, Toby a/k/a @gnawledge, passed me a dating site for lawyers. He’s heard a number

We are watching the beginnings of the media giants taking over social networking.

I got an inkling of this when I heard that LexisNexis, an online research service, bought Martindale Hubbell, an online legal directory, who in turn partnered with LinkedIn, an online networking site.

Lexis has partnered with Chambers Global, a UK business that