I am fantabulized by the vehemential angertude with which people have arguponded Greg’s post on the word “literally”.  I have no more amorosity to the upsidrong definition of literally than anyone else does, but language evolvopes.  The strength of the English language is its adoptationability.  Words have hardplace definitions, but they are at best temporational. In time, “literally”

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As many of you who have read this blog in the past have come to realize… I am not one to let a few grammatical errors stop me from publishing a blog post. I have even come to expect the ad hoc editors out there to post comments correcting my mistakes, and

While lunching with new friend and social media guru @apudave yesterday, our conversation turned to grammar.

I was so happy.
The topic? Ellipses.
You know . . . those little dot-dot-dots?
We had quite divergent views on spacing, appropriate usage, surrounding punctuation and why, oh, why, lawyers ALWAYS have to be different.
After promising to

A new conundrum past my plate today.

Do you place an apostrophe to create a possessive after a trademarked name?
I’m sure a few of you are thinking, “who the heck gives a crud about this kind of stuff?”
This is one of the few instances when intellectual property attorneys and marketers share common ground.

After attending a 4-hour grammar class–yes, I know, I am a geek–I was heartened to witness that there are those still out there who are positively impassioned about punctuation.
The class erupted in a thirty-minute discussion on–get this–how many spaces should follow a period.
Good grief.
You would have thought we were talking about which

Short quiz: what’s the difference between -, –, and —?

If you said length, well, yeah, size does matter. Kinda. But it is more about how you use it, of course!

The dash [ – ], which is created by typing the “minus” key, is used in compound words. Like in the sentence, “Toby is

Photo courtesy of WordPlay at http://hubpages.com/hub/2008-election-clipart-Obama-McCainFor reasons I won’t go into now, I don’t watch TV. If I can’t watch it online, I’m not doing it. So when the President was inaugurated or when he was giving an important speech, I watched it online via streaming video. Tonight I missed Obama’s speech to the Joint Session. And when I went