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I have to say that I’ve never been a big fan of the Client Alerts and traditional newsletters that law firms package up and send out to clients. Not because they don’t have relevant information, but because they tend to be poorly managed, and clients view them more as SPAM because they

Are you starting to think that your e-newsletter is looking a little tired? Interested in adding some social media features?
Here’s a quick guide on what to consider when undertaking a redesign:
  1. Look at your current newsletter and identify what’s lacking. If you are working with a committee, ask each person to come to the

I was thinking about this very question today.

Why couldn’t a law firm offer a Groupon for their services? Why not indeed?

It is not so disimilar from offering alternative fees.

I had recently read about a women-owned firm who were offering flat-fee services for divorces, custody battles and the like.

Why not a Groupon?

If the plan was to get you to undelete an email from your “junk” folder, the marketing staff at Thomson Reuters’ ProLaw found the perfect one–two email combination to get you to do just that. Here’s what some of us received in our email boxes this morning:

First email subject line:

For a Limited Time,

Who knew attorneys could be so self-effacing? Very funny, clever and effective take on the Texas Super Lawyers’ Rising Stars.

It just says so many things … 🙂