Are you starting to think that your e-newsletter is looking a little tired? Interested in adding some social media features?
Here’s a quick guide on what to consider when undertaking a redesign:
  1. Look at your current newsletter and identify what’s lacking. If you are working with a committee, ask each person to come to the brainstorming session with a current newsletter marked up with their suggestions. At this stage, all ideas are welcome and all will be considered.
  2. At the first meeting, review all suggestions then talk about big-picture goals:
  1. over-all look and feel
  2. new functionality
  3. high-level goals (broader content, broader reach)
  • At the end of the first meeting, task each member to bring back at least 1 example of a newsletter that they admire. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a legal e-newsletter. Want some inspiration? Go to the PRSA Silver Anvil Awards site or LMA Awards site.
  • At the second meeting, finalize design, content.
  • It may take a few more meetings, depending upon how detailed you want to get. But remember, when breaking up your goals, make sure that they are SMART goals: specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-framed.And make sure to measure the success of your redesign. Take a benchmark of your current newsletter so you can see how well your new design works and whether you may need to tweek it. Track results too, to demonstrate a real ROI. The great thing about e-mailed newsletters is that they are web-based and fluid so they can be easily updated from issue to issue.