The Lawyerist has revived the dialog on the ethics of lawyers using free email services like Gmail. It’s good to see this debate continue, and I’ll state up-front that the Lawyerist disagrees with my opinion on the subject. I still hold the position that a lawyer using an e-mail system that includes granting “a

I am back on my writing bandwagon: lawyers should leave copywriting to copywriters. I will never forget the first law firm invitation that I made for a lawyer. We went through at least 20 versions and agonized as to whether to use the words “invite” or “cordially invite.” An invitation. An invitation that would be

Previously on 3 Geeks, we posted on the dangers of using free email services like Gmail. The basic argument is that by granting a property right to content (a.k.a. client information) to Google, lawyers risk of waiving privilege. We had an interesting set of comments come in from this post, exploring how serious this problem