Episode 2 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is exactly the kind of show that we want to cover her on the SuperHuman Law Division Podcast! Jen Walters finds herself without a job after GLK/H got a mistrial ruling. (Joshua predicted a mistrial in Ep. 1.) After applying at numerous law firms and being less and less picky about where she lands a job, she heads back to the Legal Ease bar to drown her sorrows. And that’s where her former advisory Holden Holliway offers her a job. She can bring her paralegal Nikki with her, but the deal is that Holliway wants She-Hulk as the face of the SuperHuman Law Division, not Jennifer.

So we cover lots of BigLaw issues in this episode:

  • Six-Figure Student Loan Debts
  • Can Holliway demand Jen stay in She-Hulk form?
  • Maps to the best bathrooms for pooping.
  • Conflicts and Conflict Waivers
  • Parole Hearings
  • So.Much.More…

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We’d like to hear from our listeners on what issues you spotted, and what did we get wrong? Do you have a real-life SuperHuman Lawyer or Legal Professional that you’d like us to mention?

Contact us at @glambert@JoshuaLenon, or @SuperHumanPod and let us know what you think!

Stay Super Everybody!!


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Many believed that Canadian leverage was too high compared to US and UK firms, but the Canadian economy is stable, our lawyers are talented and the merger announcements keep coming. Until recently, the Canadian market has been relatively sheltered from major international mergers. Until Norton Rose merged with Ogilvy Renault as of June 1, 2011,

Image [cc] Tigershungry

There’s a saying that if you hear something once, it’s a fluke, twice is a trend, and if you hear it three times it’s a habit. I’ve now heard a similar tale being told by three different administrative groups in law firms when it comes to leveraging the skills of their librarians.