We (IT) are getting more and more pressure to develop systems that enable the client to interact with the Firm in what is being coined as a “real time” or near real time basis.  The technology to communicate in real time has been around for many years, we call that technology a telephone.  You have

It has taken me years to control my eye-rolling response to irritating on-hold message of “Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line.” Not to worry, though, I heard another version of this sarcastic message this morning. While trying to update my account at the gym – yes, the one that I

The first big mistake made on reducing legal fees was the focus by clients on rates and hourly discounts. We have previously talked about the value of this approach. Lower rates do not directly correlate to lower fees. Admittedly hourly rates have some impact, however, lowering unit costs without talking about number of units will

After seeing and hearing too many fee discussions about discounts – a new thought clicked in my head. Clients are negotiating on discounts, not rates. The actual rates might matter with a wide a variation, but in most circumstances when clients push on law firms, it’s not on the absolute rates, but instead it’s about

Over lunch Greg and I were watching a new waiter be trained in how to best serve diner clients. The Mentor was giving constant feedback to the Trainee. At one point the Trainee had just walked past a table when the Mentor asked if the customers at the table needed more water. The trainee responded:

I thoroughly enjoyed Steve Levy’s ITLA web seminar this Monday on Legal Project Management. Of course the subject of Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFAs) came up and the inter-connection between them and legal project management was discussed.

A noteworthy point from Steve was the need to focus on outcomes. He highly recommends that any legal

TIP:  Under No Circumstances Personalize Anything for the Client One of the best ways to annoy your client is to remind them that they are just one of the cogs of your great legal empire.  Taking the time to personalize a communication and making the client feel that they are important to you, is just

TIP:  Make It Complicated for the Client (the more difficult, the more satisfying) The more technologically advanced you make your web site, the more your clients will see you for the technology wizard that you are.  One of the best ways to annoy your clients is to assume that they are all using Internet Explorer

TIP: Send A LOT of Content Daily email newsletters are perhaps the best thing you can do to annoy your clients each every morning. Clients truly desire the minutia of legal issues like “European Practice” or “Corporate Finance” and giving them anything less than a daily newsletter on such generic legal topics would be a