I recently stumbled upon an alternative pricing scheme that I instinctively felt was wrong.  The details are irrelevant, but I was struck by how vastly different the attorney’s point of view was from my own.  So I tried to expand my viewpoint and to see the problem from all sides.  I came up with three

I’ve had a rash of positive customer service experiences over the past couple of months and feel compelled to share them with you. We talk a lot on this blog about making your decisions (whether about a library’s collection, a marketing project, or fee pricing) in a client facing manner. My three experiences did exactly

Greg and Jordan make good points in their comments to my post on the shrinking bet-the-farm (BTF) segment of legal services. These beg the question: what exactly is bet-the-farm work in the legal market today? Traditionally this would have been work where the law firm names the rates and puts in whatever amount of hours

Consider the degree of trust you should have in your auto mechanic. You will probably never know the quality of work before, during and even after you receive it. You have to trust your mechanic’s diagnosis and then trust the quality of service you receive in the repair. It is difficult-to-impossible to truly know anything

Recently there have been a few blog posting here about vendors, people who try to sell other people products and services. The postings are rants or raves, the kind of things that are well suited to the self indulgent nature of blogs. One such story was mine, recounted by another member of the 3 Geeks

Although we know that many of you 3Geek readers are extremely shy about expressing your opinions, we invite you to share your thoughts, visions, and suggestions here to help shape one of the BarCamp sessions at the upcoming ILTA Conference. Note that we encourage you to comment whether or not you’re planning to attend

A friend recently gave me a copy of Blue Ocean Strategy, a business management book from 2005. The concept is very compelling, create new markets rather than struggle with increased competition for existing, shrinking markets. The authors call these new markets Blue Oceans. The competitive markets are Red Oceans, for all the blood in

Recently I attended a presentation where a client in the legal space gave his critique on how the services he purchased were priced. He had obviously thought this issue through and outlined a litany of complaints with how the services are priced and billed.
The list included:
  • Confusing bills – With so many rates and

An admitted failing of the legal industry is a lack of effort on understanding the client’s pain. Previously we have noted on 3 Geeks the need to listen to clients to construct the best AFA. Now that lawyers and firms are becoming aware of the need to understand more about clients beyond “they’ve been served,”