I’ve been monitoring some of the Twitter posts that attorneys across the country are doing, and it got me to thinking about where the ethical line is (or should be) drawn.  Now, my good friend Toby Brown told me that a good rule of thumb for judging ethical rules when it comes to the “virtual

Taking a rough and conservative estimate of 3 free CLE programs per week by large firms, then multiplying that by the 100 largest firms in the country, you get (3 x 52 x 100 =) 15,600 hours of free CLE per year. Next we’ll estimate that on average 35 lawyers attend each of these. This

Search Engine Optimization is a constant game of cat and mouse between the Search Engine companies and the webmasters of the world.  Seems like last week, one of the biggies on the webmaster side got caught by the biggie on the search engine side, and in the process, I learned a new industry phrase called