Law Technology News (LTN) is reporting this morning that LexisNexis (LN) will be reducing their headcount by approximately 500 employees in various locations in the United States. You can read the item here.  LTN is reporting that the statement was issued by Marc Osborn, senior director of communications for its Research and Litigation Solutions unit.  LN had not

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It was a rough time for the Empire. 

Online case services were multiplying fast and furious.  Yes, even their vaunted reporter system had been compromised.  The beginning of the end began in the late 1990’s, when even the Courts had ruled against them.  It became more important than ever to just hold

Ah, October.  A chill is in the air (somewhere I’m sure, it’s still in the upper 80s here).  The talk turns from the beach to carving pumpkins.  In the Library (or Research Services as we call it), the Librarian’s thoughts focus on Budgets and Desk References.  Desk References are a challenging part of the Budget process.  Not only

Some good friends of mine sent me a link to an interesting blog post about Competitive Intelligence (CI). The post, written by Eric Garland, is a fascinating interpretation of not only the process of CI but the way CI is received by the decision makers. The author seems frustrated that the intelligence and analysis

A trustworthy source has informed me that TR Legal is no longer offering pay-as-you-go plans to mid-and large-sized firms. My guess is they are trying to motivate firms to subscribe to their service by contract, thereby guaranteeing a revenue stream for a fixed period of time. However, this is an extremely short-sighted move. As more

Why have a AALL Consumer Advocacy Caucus? There seems to a lot posted lately in Law Librarian circles about this and I’ve been struggling to figure out this question for quite some time. Today’s LLB post about the petition to create this group provides a succinct summary of the arguments of the advocates. However, these

The Association has no purpose. The Association is being sneaky. What has the Association done for me? Why should I be a member in the Association? There’s a litany of woe (is me) posts/emails burning up the internet regarding AALL.
With the AALL Annual Meeting close at hand (and the Antitrust Policy floating around), I

I just saw the press release from LexisNexis announcing the addition of American Lawyer Media (aka ALM) content to the Lexis service. As a single-service shop (we only have Lexis), I have to say that I’m a bit confused. First this content was available through both Lexis and Westlaw. Then came the Westlaw “exclusive.” And

I’m sitting in my office listening to Earth Wind & Fire trying to figure out just where did it go wrong. Looking back, I guess I should have seen the signs:
  • Charging for both the User Interface and the content
  • Laying off all of the Library Relations staff on the West Coast
  • Reallocating personnel to