I don’t know if I was in my right mind a few weeks ago when I asked Greg if I could start doing some regular guest posts to his blog.  I think I might have just not had enough coffee yet to have come to my senses. Nevertheless, I asked, he answered, and I can’t back out now, so here goes…

I have been a law librarian for over 15 years and continue to love what I do and how the job has morphed over the years.  In addition to my passion for law librarianship and all that comes along with it, I have also realized that I also have a passion for training and, more specifically, training that focuses around soft skills development and mastery of leadership concepts like emotional intelligence, change management, diversity, innovation – the list goes on and on.  In fact, last year I was asked to lead an internal leadership development training initiative for our managers and supervisors that we called the Management Mastery Program or, as every good program needs a good acronym, the MMP.  We have made it about half way through the four modules of programming and hope to finish the inaugural version of the program by mid-2013. 

Part of what I do to make sure our topics are relevant and to keep our faculty informed and up to date is to scan, review and read a lot of publications that cover to business topics (i.e. Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review) as well as those that focus on talent development issues (i.e. Talent Management, Chief Learning Officer).  My hope is that I can take some of the gems from these articles and share them with the 3 Geeks audience and discuss why law librarians (or others in law firms, for that matter) should know about and care about them.

  • Christy

    Looking forward to reading your future posts!

  • Anonymous

    We should all be interested in talent development. Thanks in advance for bringing this topic to the forefront.