A headline just crossed my desk from the Sacramento Bee:  “Brown Appoints Former Reporter Lucas as State Librarian

Deep Breath…  A manager of one of the most important library systems in California without any apparent
professional library managerial experience?

I am concerned that the Governor of California has placed the stewardship of the State Library in the hands of someone without any professional library experience.  I could be wrong.  If there is any information I have missed, please let me know in the comments section below. This item certainly indicates a fondness for books.

What do you think?  Is this the start of a trend?  Is it necessary for the person in charge of a State Library to be a Librarian?

UPDATE #1:  The last appointment to this position without any previous library experience was in 1899.

UPDATE #2:  California Education Code Section 19302 states that “The division shall be in charge of a chief who shall be a technically trained librarian and shall be known as the “State Librarian.” (Hat Tip to David McFadden)

UPDATE #3:  Here is the full text of the Governor’s announcement.

UPDATE #4:  

For an interesting take on this from a website directed to California political reporters (CalBuzz), take a look at this.  The LA Times weighs in on Library Power here.
Keep checking here for new developments.  I’ll keep this page updated.

3-26-17 11:03 AM PDT

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    This happens all the time. It comes down to that perception that anyone can do "library work". Come on "how hard can it be". As a professional librarian, in bothers me to no end.

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    UPL – Unauthorized Practice of Librarianship

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    Latest news is that our new State Librarian appointee will be taking classes at the San Jose State University Master of Library & Information Science program. I guess he will do his internship at the California State Library!

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    Obviously taking their cue from the Library of Congress.