I’m going to make this post short and sweet. American Lawyer Media (ALM), stop acting like this is 2002 and quit with the Pop-Up Ads on your site. There is a good reason why Internet Explorer created a Pop-Up blocker in 2004!!

Nina Platt reminded me this morning of just how annoying and counter-productive these are when you’re trying to actually read something on an ALM site and you have to navigate through the pop-ups and the over-zealous ad placements on the page. I count two pop-ups surrounded by four additional ad placements. We all understand that you need to get ad revenue… but be a little more classy about how you do it, okay?? And LexisNexis, it makes you look bad, too.

Count ’em… 2 Pop-Ups and 4 Inset Ads
  • Amen, amen and amen!

  • Those kind of websites needs to manage there ads properly.. They can still get revenues out of ads but they need to really make sure that it is moderated properly.

  • We are aware that there have been some issues with pop-up ads on our websites recently, stemming from some changes we made behind the scene. We are always trying to balance the quality of the reader experience with our advertisers' needs, but in this case, we acknowledge there was a problem. We have now addressed these issues. At ALM, we are always committed to finding better ways to display our content across our digital properties and improving the reading experience.

    Lenny Izzo, Chief Marketing Officer at ALM.

  • Thanks for posting the comment Lenny.

    I completely understand that there is a balance between content and the ad space needed to support the content. The pop-ups, however, are really not a new thing for ALM content. I griped about them back in January of 2012 when I had to click out of multiple pop-ups on a law.com site.

    I'd really just be happy if I didn't have to close a window (pop-up) before I can even get to see the content behind it. I'm sure it is something that you will work out.

  • We're working hard to improve law.com, as well as all of our other sites. Within the next few weeks, a redesigned law.com will offer a more seamless reading experience. Additionally, we just mobile-optimized all of our websites, so you shouldn't see those pop-up issues when accessing via your smartphone. Of course we always welcome the feedback.

  • I would be OK with the pop-ups if closing them produced the sound of a gun shot.

  • Thank you, Greg Lambert. That really needed saying.