Have you ever been involved in creating a practice group with all of the jockeying and politics that is involved?

Don’t you just wish that you wish that you could cast it all aside and just “get ‘er done”, as we Texans like to say?

Well, in my little dream world, I would create my own dream team by the following methods:

  1. Be Nick Fury. Right wrongs of injustice with the authority and largesse to assemble the best and the brightest team imaginable.
  2. Engage Iron Man. Not by entrancing him with money, babes or fame–because he has loads on his own–but by being just as smart as he is but acknowledging he’s smarter in a DIFFERENT way.
  3. Appeal to Captain America. Steve Rogers is a good old boy, he loves his country, apple pie and his mom. But not exactly in that order. Appeal to his sense of fairness and justice.
  4. Enrage the Hulk. Bruce Banner needs to get angry. Just show him how unrighteous it all is and watch him explode.
  5. Get Thor. The man is a god. So he’s the easiest–just stroke his ego.
  6. Lure the Black Widow. Natasha Romanoff is every man’s fantasy nightmare–they want her but are afraid of her, all at the same time. Kind of like a roller coaster. How do you seduce the seductress? A little trickier but jewelry and display of glamour may do the trick … 
I know, if it were only that easy, right?