Below is an excerpt of what Law 360 emailed to its current client base re/the news of this acquisition.

The combination of Law360 and LexisNexis will deliver powerful improvements to Law360’s news coverage and will allow us to continue to expand our coverage into new practice areas and jurisdictions.

In the intermediate term, the acquisition will not result in any changes for Law360 clients:

  • Law360 will operate as a stand-alone company
  • Law360 content and newsletters will remain the same
  • Law360 account executives will continue to manage client relationships

Over time, Law360 will leverage the depth and breadth of LexisNexis resources to continue to expand its coverage of litigation and public policy. Clients will notice gradual improvements in Law360 content as our newsroom gets access to the rich tools and data resources available on the LexisNexis platform.

And here are some excerpts of the Lexis press release:

“Breaking legal news and analysis are critical for legal professionals as they drive success for their businesses and clients,” said Bob Romeo, CEO of Research and Litigation Solutions at LexisNexis. “Law360 is a key element of our growth strategy because it adds legal news and analysis, a crucial part of an attorney’s workflow and a key entry point to legal research.”

The acquisition of Law360 is part of the continuing LexisNexis commitment to provide critical legal and business content to help customers increase productivity and achieve better outcomes for their organizations and clients.

They will continue to run the company as a stand-alone business, while leveraging the content and analytical resources and distribution of LexisNexis.

My first thoughts for what they are worth!

  1. Glad it appears that at least in the interim (how long will that last?) for existing clients there will be no changes, but what about new clients under the Lexis umbrella? Likely to be a separate add on cost?
  2. Sounds alot like the BNA BLaw acquisition model, in that Law 360 will continue to operate as a stand alone company  – good and hopefully lasting news!
  3. Very curious about the pricing models to come for this content on Lexis. Not likely to play out as the ALM acqusition did as it appears to be a different type animal. Law 360 native to online environment and not content that was ever on Westlaw like ALM content was.
  4. Definitely hoping that Lexis has taken notes on the BNA BLaw blog discussions!

Guest blogger,

Cheryl Niemeier
Director of Library Services
Bose McKinney & Evans LLP