Michael Saint-Onge and I had the pleasure of waking everyone up at the AALL conference last week with our 8:45 AM presentation on technology tools used in law firm libraries. Although not everything we’ve listed has practical use in the law firm library setting, we thought we’d have a little fun with running through a few known, not-so-well known, and a few completely obscure resources that “may” have some application in the law firm library setting. It’s always a pleasure to present with Michael… but since we both like to rattle on, it was also nice to know that we only had a few seconds to talk on each one of these. Of course, if we missed something that you think should have made the cut, feel free to add it to the comments below. (If it is good one, I’ll even add it to the slideshow!!)
NOTE: if you can’t see the embedded presentation, you can go to Google Docs to view it.

  • Hi there – the embeded presentation seems to be missing (or at least missing for me… IE connection error displayed instead of applet)

  • John,

    I've added a link to the Google Docs page that hosts the presentation

  • Anonymous

    Crud,I'm blocked from google docs as well. (#$@%*& Corp security grrr) Any chance you could post directly from the blog site for download? Really want to see this! Thanks. JB