The annual ILTA conference, coming up next week, is one of the best educational and networking opportunities out there. The program offerings are overwhelming, both in number and quality. The topics, although grounded in technology, reach out into almost every corner of law firm functions. This results in a great environment for sharing ideas, getting to know your peers and learning from the best-of-the-best.
I highly encourage you to check out the program to see the scale and range of topics. You will find the biggest challenge is choosing which session to attend during a given time slot.
Now … if you looked over the program and found the best sessions to attend, I also suggest you take an extra minute and check out a couple of “other” programs on the schedule.
Offshoring and Outsourcing: What It Means for Your Firm and Your Job.
This session explores the impact of outsourcing various law firm function, both front and back office, to the emerging Legal Process Outsourcing companies. This will be a lively discussion of how you and your firm might integrate and respond to these encroaching services. Twitter hashtag: #INFO2.
This session will walk through the AFA process and identify how IT, KM, records, finance and other firm functions can support and drive successful AFAs. Twitter hashtag #KMPG3.
Acknowledging these may be fallback options, you may want to attend for “other” reasons; those being the ability to heckle and generally make fun of me as I ramble through my portions of each one.
I know Greg would enjoy that.
Look forward to seeing many of you at ILTA!