Legal Process Outsourcing

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Jane:  Legal Process Outsourcing is a brilliant idea whose time has come, Dan. I think we will see a number of high profile firms begin to partner with LPOs in the next few years. Whereas

Stupid Greg has the irritating habit of making me think. Recently he asked if I thought there might be an ‘Enron’ incident on the horizon of the legal market. We were discussing the rise of the non-law firm. I was blabbering on about how non-law firms continue to take market share, when Greg posited

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I always enjoy an interesting convergence of ideas. Recently three news items hit my radar that appeared unrelated, until I gave them each a second look and more thought. The first item was the release of the whitepaper from Reuters (of Thomson / Westlaw and Pangea3, the LPO). The paper is entitled,

Recently the Germans came out saying the Americans should align with them against the UK Legal Services Act (LSA) initiative. This caught my attention as I have been giving quite a bit of thought to the whole LSA issue based on a presentation I did at the ILTA conference. The presentation was actually

At the ILTA Conference, I participated on the “Offshoring and Outsourcing: What It Means for Your Firm and Your Job” panel. First-off, I was privileged to be on the panel with Jordan Furlong and Kevin Colangelo. They are very smart, engaging and knowledgeable presenters. Per the ILTA suggestion, we went with an alternative presentation

The annual ILTA conference, coming up next week, is one of the best educational and networking opportunities out there. The program offerings are overwhelming, both in number and quality. The topics, although grounded in technology, reach out into almost every corner of law firm functions. This results in a great environment for sharing ideas,

Recently Donna Seyle posted an article on the lack of a Bright Line for what is the unauthorized practice of law (UPL). I offer some additional thoughts on the subject here.
First off – the LegalZoom battle is a losing one for regulators. As noted in the article, this provider and others have been around

In this recent ABA Journal article, the co-CEO of Pangea3 is quoted as saying, “No law firm should be doing commoditized work.” The assumed intent of this statement is to ease concerns that Thomson Reuters (TR) / Pangea3 is competing with law firms (a.k.a. customers). On its face, this statement may provide some reassurance.

Whether you like ‘em, hate ‘em, or just don’t care about ‘em… you have to admit that it has been an exciting week for the folks in Eagan, Minnesota. Let’s just step back and break down what happened this week:
11/16/2010 –  Major outage of Thomson Reuters online products (Westlaw, WestlawNext and more)