The saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. The same could be said of information/media/current awareness in a law firm. We can lead our lawyers to the content but there is no way to ensure they read …or is there?

We are currently in the process of evaluating media and social media aggregators, some of which include very savvy dashboard platforms and delivery mechanisms. Others of which, include sophisticated social media analysis tools. Some of the products that we or others I have spoken to are considering include:

The evaluation criteria we have mashed-up includes but is not limited to:

  1. Easy to use interface for publishing/editing 
  2. Users (or their proxy) can manage own profiles
  3. Content can be pushed to email, RSS or Microsoft SharePoint
  4. Content is archived and searchable for later use
  5. Aggregators incorporate public info, paid subscriptions, social media and internal commentary
  6. Provides free content or access to content 
  7. Offers a trial 
  8. Price – is it by topic, by firm size, # of curator or another other mechanism 
  9. Provides training 
  10. Has a good industry reputation 
  11. Has other law firm clients 
  12. Provides on going support 

Firm needs will determine the weighting of these criteria but is there anything we’ve left out? Are there other products or issues to consider? And if we provide it, will they read it??

  • Anonymous

    We used Lexis Publisher for a short while, but soon discovered that the full text of the publication our attorneys needed most was not available due to licensing limitations the publisher imposed on LN. Lexis was good about letting us out of the agreement, as there was clearly miscommunication on the part of the reps, but it's important to check this sort of thing out.

  • RivalEdge is a new service that provides marketing information on over 300 Law Firms. RivalEdge offers a searchable database of events and publications and tracks lateral moves and changes. There is a free live demo on the site.

  • Anonymous

    You might also look at Attensa –

  • Another feature I have come across is visual consistency, having a single (simple) design for all alerts/tools.

    I hope this won't seem completely shameless, but since you raise the question: Linex Systems should be considered amongst these. Glad to show you how it works – it ticks all the boxes you list in your post. I'm at

  • Zena,
    Thanks for sharing your process for finding the right product for your firm. And thank you to "Anonymous" for mentioning Attensa. Not sure who you are but appreciate the nod to our hard work. For those of you who haven't see the ILTA Technology Award Nominated Attensa StreamServer for Law Firms, you can find out more here:

    For someone charged with current awareness, managing library sources or being the manager of the firm's intranet, Attensa has the power to not only be a social site content aggregator, but a personalized content delivery engine that brings together free and paid web-based information with internal business systems info and then deliver it to individuals where they like to consume it — Be that a firm portal, a personal web dashboard, on their phone or tablet, or in a daily briefing email of only the stuff that matters to them.

    What's more, as an manager of Attensa StreamServer you can see what is getting read or ignored — potentially reducing your paid content spend in the process.

    OK…off the soapbox…We're putting the finishing touches on our new release this week and next. If anybody out there would like to see it, you can reach out to me at or call me at 971.340.2000, ext. 425.
    Mark Evertz
    Director of Marketing & Consumer Engagement

  • Peter Ozolin

    Hello Zena,

    I now have your criteria in hand:). Generally, I think there's an argument that some of these products can co-exist (for example, Manzama has a partnership with Fellsoft), however, that's probably best saved for another discussion. I look forward to connecting with you again in the not too distant future and in giving you a deeper dive into our product road map for 2012, as well as the work we are doing with Lexis and others. Best,
    Peter J. Ozolin, CEO
    Manzama, Inc.