Go ahead and block off July 23rd, and schedule your plane, train or automobile trip over to Philadelphia for a day long meeting focused on the issues that confront private law firm libraries, librarians and administrators. Anyone that went to the first PLL-SIS (Private Law Library – Special Interest Section) Summit in Denver last year can tell you that this is where the magic happens, and where not only the law firm librarians need to show up, but they also need to bring along those non-librarians (library partners, IT and KM directors, CIO’s, COO’s, etc.) and share in the wealth of conversations that go on during the sessions.

To sweeten the pot a little bit, the lunch time “entertainment” happens to be a couple of co-bloggers here on 3 Geeks. Toby Brown, Scott Preston, and I will talk about some of the PLL-SIS webinars we’ve presented (still time to sign up for Scott’s webinar), as well as anything else that happens to pop into our geeky little minds at the time. Other speakers include Esther Dyson, Jim Jones, David Curle and Sabrina Pacifici. If that’s not enough for you, show up on Friday night (7/22) for a reception hosted by BNA (that’s probably where my best work will occur!!)

Here’s the press release along with all the links you’ll need to register. Hope to see you there! Don’t forget to invite someone else to go with you!!

PLL-SIS Summit II:  Change as Action, Change as Opportunity
Registration is now open for the Private Law Libraries Change as Action Summit held in conjunction with the 2011 AALL Annual Meeting on July 23, 2011, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia.  Join us for a jam-packed day, filled with thought-provoking speakers and vibrant discussions on PLL-focused programming!
We are tremendously excited to announce that Esther Dyson, legendary technology visionary, will be our Keynote Speaker, sponsored by Wolters Kluwer Law & Business. We’ll also be hearing from Jim Jones of Hildebrandt, David Curle of Outsell, Inc., Sabrina Pacifici of BeSpacific, the Three Geeks, and many more dynamic and intriguing speakers.
In addition, break-out sessions, based on the current PLL Law Firm Management webinar series, will allow attendees to engage in open dialogue on their favorite webinar topics, from law firm financials to knowledge management and client marketing.
In the afternoon, we will offer concurrent programs in three areas: administration, research/reference and technology/technical services on practical topics such as metrics, project management, legal publishing trends, and social media.  
The $145 registration fee includes all programs plus a Friday night BNA Welcome Party, a breakfast sponsored by Priory Solutions, lunch sponsored by LexisNexis and an afternoon break sponsored by Law360.  Registration is required by June 17th.  Sign up now to take part in this exciting event!