Step 1: This weekend I attended the Bayou City Arts Festival. After seeing a 100 or so QR Codes, I finally noticed how prevalent they were. Good marketing I thought.
Step 2: Greg invited me to attend lunch with Debra Kolah and him at the Hubcap Grill today (Mmmmm – good burgers). Debra is doing some really interesting stuff at Rice University and was sharing her ideas. One of them is that she is trying color coded QR Codes – which is very forward thinking.
Step 3: The little light bulb went off. So I asked Debra about getting my own QR Code. She said – easily done.
Step 4: So back at the office, I found the Kaywa QR-Code generator, and made my own. This code takes you to my LinkedIn profile, but could instead be configured to send a text, a phone number or an SMS (text message).
So for all you marketers out there, time to think about integrating QR Codes in to all of your collateral. I just need to figure out how to get it on my business card now.