I’m sure everyone’s heard by now that Google has launched its own e-reader.
Now, I’m no business whiz, but when I see a third, large company enter the foray in a marketplace that is already dominated by two–let’s say Westlaw and Lexis–usually the third one doesn’t do so well.
People don’t like making decisions. If you give them too many choices they get confused. That’s why, if you look at every major industry, there are usually just two that really stand out. I dare you to name one that doesn’t.
I don’t mean to preach the voice of doom on the Goog. What could happen is that someone is knocked out by the competition.
The Goog thinks it can take them all on.
My prediction? Amazon and Apple will stay strong. The Goog will start placing its app on the other devices. Then, in a brilliant move, Amazon will allow the Goog to put its app on their device. Maybe Jobs will let that happen but I don’t know …
Just the way I see it.