Over the last three and a half years after my divorce, I haven’t gone out much: no bars, no happy hours, no mixers. Lots of week-ends at home and working at my career. And watching lots of YouTube.

A few months ago one Sunday, I spent about 3 hours watching some YouTube videos on how to flirt by Dating Coach Dave Wygant. Seriously, you can find anything on YouTube.

Last week, I was able to put his advice to the test: a friend dragged me out to a Happy Hour. So I decided to experiment with my newly learned skills. Amazingly, despite the fact that this man was talking to two different women, at the end of the evening, he came over and asked for my number instead of theirs. Why? Because after 48 years of being alive as a female, I have finally learned how to flirt.

SO. Why should you care about this?

It is my professional opinion, after working at three of the largest law firms in Houston and with some of the most renowned lawyers in Texas, that lawyers are of a general type: nerdy.

We were the smartest kids in class–outliers. So we never learned how to talk to people (or maybe we talked too much). Some of us lawyers are better at it then others; others are naturally gregarious. Some of us are natural marketers.

But for the most part, most of us have ABSOLUTELY no social skills. Meaning, we have no idea how to begin and maintain a relationship.

So give David Wygant a listen. You might learn something.

Just tell him I sent you.