Most presidents of this country have tons of media exposure, of course, around election time, at the inauguration and State of the Union Address. Usually it trails off afterwards except for sporadic events in history, exciting legislation or regularly scheduled press conferences. Not with Obama—he seems to be on television many times a day along with a spattering of talk shows form Jay Leno’s Tonight Show to 60 Minutes. Haven’t found stats on the number of press conferences he has held but it is probably staggering and more than any other President, to date. Plus, he has a weekly White House video address, a White House blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts. Let’s not forget the merchandise. John F. Kennedy has a watch, coin, bookmark, etc. And all presidents have books and videos. But President Obama has more merchandise than any other president we have seen: An Obama Chia planter, bobbleheads, iPhone case, shirts, stickers, posters, watches—the list goes on to even a collector series Obama Hot Sauce. Obama mania! While I understand the allure of the new President of change, one can’t help but wonder is he over exposed? With only a few months under his belt, it is hard to say where this exposure will lead. Will the media and merchandising mania continue over his term? Is this a tactic of his White House staff? Unfortunately, with all this marketing and public relations, he is being analyzed and scrutinized more than ever at every turn. When you put yourself in the media spotlight, you are open to everyone’s opinion&emdash;president or not. K. DeLia is responsible for the marketing and public relations activities for professional services firm to the energy industry. With 15 years of strategic marketing and business development execution, she has successfully marketed both small and large businesses in a variety of industries. Follow her: