Social Networking: It's All About Relationships

Today, it was proved to me, once again, that social media works. About nine months ago, Greg--my co-conspirator and co-blogger in crime--started following me on Twitter. Then he met a bunch of folks online and he passed on my Twitter handle to a bunch of his friends. So I started following Greg's friends that followed me. Then one of my new Twitter friends found me on Facebook. We started interacting; we were swapping Greenie plants, acres of virtual farmland, virtual law gifts and other goofie stuff. Just dinking around. I didn't really know who she was. Then Greg and Toby recommended me for a speaking engagement at an all-day conference. Coincidentally, my new Twitter/Facebook friend was also speaking. I was excited to finally meet her. And meet we did. I found out that she worked at the same law firm I did--hard to know everyone in a firm with 3,000 employees. We arranged to have lunch later that week. A fascinating person, we continued to meet for lunch regularly and are now friends. She has been over to my house, we have swapped books and, today, I attended her going-away party. She's moving on to a new job as a law professor and legal librarian. But thanks to social media, we will stay in touch: Twitter, Facebook and now e-mail are all available to me. She and I have achieved the inner circle of friendship. Who knows where the future shall bring us?

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