Why Did Etisalat Block Flickr
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Nothing really irritates a researcher more than attempting to get to a website only to find that it has been blocked by your network software. In fact, many of you may find that social media sites are closed off at work because someone decided that you’ll spend your time uploading cat videos

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I ran across a summarizing tool that I think all of you would enjoy testing out. I found it through the Tools 4 Noobs website which focuses on PHP resources, but this can be used specifically from their “Summarize” tab on the website (no coding required… but, more on that

We seemed to have asked about a hot topic issue this week when we wondered if non-lawyers that work at a law firm should be visible through the firm’s website. This actually may be the Elephant Post with the most contributions (18 total), and although most answered “Yes”, it wasn’t even close to a unanimous