We have previously mentioned on 3 Geeks the need for effective pricing mechanisms in the legal market at the fee level, versus the hourly rate level. One possible tool to achieve this is using an online reverse auction tool.
We have also noted the increased involvement of the Procurement Department in selecting outside counsel. In

I’m going to give everyone a chance to make fun of me on this one as I try to explain how I thought of some change management issues that we fight all the time in law firms by referencing similar issues that happened in last weekend’s NASCAR race in Dover, Delaware. First of all, yes,

An admitted failing of the legal industry is a lack of effort on understanding the client’s pain. Previously we have noted on 3 Geeks the need to listen to clients to construct the best AFA. Now that lawyers and firms are becoming aware of the need to understand more about clients beyond “they’ve been served,”

When lawyers talk about Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFAs) they usually want to know: 1) Which one works?, and 2) What is the number? When I get this “silver bullet” question, I always reply with the same answer. There is no silver bullet AFA – the real secret of AFAs is talking to the client. This