While I was attempting to find an article yesterday, I stumbled upon an interesting looking search tool called Interceder (apparently a Spanish word meaning “to intercede”). This dashboard approach at search results definitely caught my eye because it had so much information strategically placed in what looks very similar to SharePoint Widgets. When I ran

I’ve been thinking about my fantasy search engine would look like, and somehow when I saw this Miller Lite commercial it hit me on what I want my search engine to do. Watch this 30 second ad… then stay with me as I explain….
Until the guy raises the beer, it looks like an e

[Note: Another brilliant Guest Post from our unofficial 4th Geek, Laura Walters] LinkedIn has become the most popular of the professionally focused social media sites, and therefore a goldmine for various competitive intelligence tidbits, sometimes disclosed inadvertently. What I particularly love about LinkedIn is the web you begin to detect between contacts and their

A friend of mine mentioned on Twitter that she was “loving” the FeeFieFoeFirm website this morning. I’ve looked at that site in the past, but never really took the time to do any serious searching on it. The timing of this reminder couldn’t have been better. I just happened to be thinking of a project