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I don’t know who coined the term “Social Media” but I’d love to wring their neck. I think the name single handedly prevents widespread enterprise adoption of powerful tools. In common parlance Social = Party and Media = Entertainment. You might as well be asking your Executive Officer for 200 grand

If you ever saw that impressive video of how Google Wave worked when it was released, you might remember that it “looked” amazing. Everything about Wave after that release, however, left a little to be desired… so much so, that it was finally abandoned (actually split into pieces) and labeled a (marketing) failure.

Now, I

I just couldn’t live up to my reputation as the “cheap geek” if I didn’t share this with you. There are a couple of new presentation (“free” presentation) tools out there that I thought all of you might be interested in.
1. Adobe ConnectNow (http://www.acrobat.com)

Basically a free version of webEx