At last week’s Ark Conference on Law Firm Library Best Practices, I had a little fun with the audience by using Poll Everywhere to create live audience polling questions. My friend, Marlene Gebauer and I conducted five polls during our presentation, and the audience could answer by going to a webpage and clicking the answer, texting an answer to an SMS number, or by Tweeting. (Although, through an error on my end, I forgot to turn on the Tweeting option so that ended up no working.) Because the audience was pretty small, and as most of you know, I am extremely cheap/frugal, I used Poll Everywhere’s free version that allows up to 40 responses per poll.

I thought that it was a big it with the audience, and because Poll Everywhere allows you to embed the Poll into your PowerPoint presentation through an add-in, we could watch the answers come in live. When I present at AALL this summer, I am going to upgrade the subscription (and actually shell out some money) to use this for the larger audience. I highly suggest that if you are presenting to an audience and would like instant feedback, that you take a look at Poll Everywhere and test it out for yourself.

Here are the five questions I asked, and the resulting poll.

  • Great tool. Thanks much for finding, using and blogging about this. I think the legal world is going to see a lot of these things. There's power in opinions — expressed.

  • nice thing, really awesome, thanks for sharing.

  • The immediacy of the results was compelling and fun to watch. Seems we are not the only ones trying out this sort of technology either. The CEO of Poptip, an online survey tool used for Oscar polling, said people will be sharing their opinions this way more and more.

  • Awesome polls! And sounds like you really nailed it. Thanks for using Poll Everywhere and let us know if we can ever be of any help.

  • Worth checking out ParticiPoll which let's you drop polls into your existing PowerPoint presentation without having to pre-populate questions and response options into a seperate system.There's a free version too.